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Dolan Springs resident Katya Lyon'a editorial in the Standard
".... One woman asked a question and Jennifer told another politician buddy of hers, "she's a non resident who can't vote here so just ignore her obsession with our local government". ..." So true! She wouldn't answer my questions either because I'm no on her "list".
Meadview, Mohave County
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March 11, 2017
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August 28, 2018 - 3:51 pm
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A pretty good description of Jennifer Jones.

Dear Editor,

Jennifer Esposito-Jones does not deserve to represent us as a State Representative.

Her latest escapade of leaving a threatening voice message for our County Attorney and his Chief Deputy, using the F word shows her lack of class and integrity. This behavior is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to who she really is. She's certainly NOT the sweet little blue eyed all American gal that her campaign photo tries to depict. Instead, take a look at her mugshot and you'll see the REAL Jennifer Esposito-Jones. 

Using foul language and gestures comes naturally to her. One of the five times she's been handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car was for "flipping off" a council member out in public where everyone, including children had to see it. 

She tries to come off as a very intelligent, hard working person that's concerned about everyone in our county. Again, just the opposite is true. The fact of the matter is, she is a very cruel and vicious CYBER BULLY. She spends countless hours every day on social media plastering negative posts about her opponents. But even worse, she spends even MORE time attacking private citizens of this county the same way. And when asked if she would continue to spend that many hours on social media if elected her reply was "I'm very good at multi-tasking". 

If any person dares to post something negative about Jennifer, she immediately does a background search on them. If she can dig up anything negative about that person, she will post it on every single Facebook page she can think of. Every county or government page will be used to try to discredit whoever dares oppose her. Even if they just support someone she doesn't like, they will be attacked with the same viciousness. 

Jennifer has posted people's criminal and civil court records, bankruptcy information, business information, and other personal information that although it  is "public information", it would most likely never be known to the masses on Facebook had she not posted it there. She has hurt many people by doing this to them, and has completely destroyed two people's lives and she could care less.

Her disrespect of elderly people who are "snowbirds" here is reprehensible. If they dare ask a question on Facebook they are immediately attacked and she refuses to answer any of their questions because they aren't registered voters in our county.  She calls them "trolls" or accuses them of being a "fake profile" on Facebook because her background search didn't come up with enough information about them. These are ELDERLY PEOPLE she is demeaning and attacking. One woman asked a question and Jennifer told another politician buddy of hers, "she's a non resident who can't vote here so just ignore her obsession with our local government". Another elderly snowbird asked Jennifer what she would do differently than the incumbents if elected. Her snide remark was "I'm not wasting my time catering to your particular demands. You are a provocateur, an agitator. Your numerous recent posts do not give any evidence of real concern fo! r the people here. So feel free to get on your broom and go home".  I don't know who raised her, but I can tell you that if I EVER spoke to an elderly person that way my mother would swoop down from heaven and snatch me bald-headed!

She also feels she is doing all of us a favor by running in this election. She has two versions of the story of why she is running for the third time after failing to be elected twice before. Her first story was "The only reason I'm running is because I've researched the other candidates and although I wish there was one that was worth supporting, there just isn't.  Now she's telling people, "I was asked to run again by numerous people". Of course, she doesn't mention who that might be. 

She's commented on Facebook that "I don't need a job and certainly don't want a full time job. I like being retired, however the Legislature is a perfect fit."  That lack of enthusiasm and/or work ethic makes her unworthy of the position. 

She doesn't play fair and proof of that is how all of her campaign signs have been placed directly in front of Paul Mosely's, within inches' completely blocking his sign from view. Not that I am voting for him, but seriously? That's childish and shows once again she lacks any integrity whatsoever.

Her own supporters have stated on many of her Facebook posts that her negativity won't help her get elected and they have begged her to stop. She not only refuses to do so, she argues with them about it. Do we want someone this vindictive, this cruel, this narcissistic representing us? Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing, folks. 

Katya Lyon

Dolan Springs