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Mohave County Democrats
Are they actually DOING anything?
Meadview, Mohave County
Forum Posts: 275
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March 11, 2017
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July 31, 2017 - 2:43 pm
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I was looking for help with analyzing the budget and the proposed property tax increase and found absolutely nothing.

Why are they talking about Trumpcare, Flake and everything BUT Mohave County issues?

Here's a strange excerpt:

Jobs, Livelihood, & Children

So, the call goes out for Indivisiblegroups and activists to hold our legislators? feet to the fire. And while we're at it, we need to let those elected representatives and senators know that we as Democrats are bound and determined to see that America's politicians work to promote policies that address everyone's jobs, livelihood, and children. Join us. Enlist to Resist! Resistance to the new Republican administration in multiple forms is the order of the day and will continue for four years. Call us at 928.753.0006 or click on the Resist! link to get started.

I called, thinking they were talking about resistance to our Republican Board of Supervisors and was transferred to John Holland. 

I asked whether their website has a section for LOCAL issues that I missed.  There is NOTHING!

He gave me the number for Marty Luna-Wolfe, Chair, MCDCC.

Again I asked for the Democratic position on the budget and the proposed property tax increase and they don't have one!  She said the budget is by-partisan and they will not issue opinions.  I asked her why anyone would vote for Democrats when they don't do anything and she actually hung up on me.

I called back a few minutes later to let her know that I am posting here about our call and that I would like a formal (written) response, but she didn't answer the phone and I left a message.  I doubt I'll hear back from her or anyone at the Mohave County Democratic Party.

I've always despised party politics, but this really takes the cake.  

What made me think that local Democrats would care about US?

They don't care that the Meadview fire station is never properly staffed and often closed, that people die because we don't have ambulance service, that people die because the roads are impassable, that the Feds pay millions every year in PILT funds for RURAL areas and BOS gives us NOTHING ...

The Democrats care just as much as the Republicans:

Not one bit!

It makes me so incredibly angry.  The nerve.

With Republicans I EXPECT that they only care about money and power, that's why they're Republicans.

That Democrats would be so openly hostile towards the working class and retirees of Mohave County was unexpected.

But then again, this is Mohave County, where incompetence, mediocreness and corruption rule.

I truly hope that all my Democratic friends will LEAVE this Do-Nothing Democratic party. 

The Mohave County Democrats are only interested in supporting thugs like Hillary Clinton, banksters, Big Pharma, etc. and spewing national Democratic party rhetoric.  Bla, bla bla bla .... 

Original thoughts seem prohibited.

In Arizona, Democrats can vote in a Republican primary if they are not registered Democrats.  In 2016 some of my friends intended to leave the Democratic Party so they could vote, but missed the 30-day deadline prior to the primary election.   After the primary you can switch to Democrats again for the general election, if you really want to.

Many people have given up on parties long ago, as I have, but I'd sure like to see some Independents running. 

It is a disgrace to have ONLY Republicans running in many Mohave County races and Democrats don't care about us either.


I submitted my message to the MCDCC at

I appreciate your comments regarding my MCDDC experiences at

I noticed that you'll be at the County Fair. Would it be ok for me to stand by your booth and hand out fliers with a summary of my MCDCC experience?

Christine Baker

Auto response:

Thank you. We have received your message.

Meadview, Mohave County
Forum Posts: 275
Member Since:
March 11, 2017
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August 1, 2017 - 12:26 am
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It's always good to ask a question if you really want a reply.  So here it is:

Hello Ms Baker
It will not be possible for you to hand out flyers by our booth. The fair restricts activities to inside the booths.
Marty Luna-Wolfe

We established that Ms. Luna-Wolfe received my message and that everything I posted about my dealings with the MCDDC above is accurate. 

They really don't care.

Meadview, Mohave County
Forum Posts: 275
Member Since:
March 11, 2017
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August 1, 2017 - 1:58 pm
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Still had the MCDDC page open and just read this:

One of the responsibilities of the Chair of the Mohave County Democratic Central Committee is attending the various District meetings in Kingman, Lake Havasu, and Bullhead. I confess that this responsibility is one of the best parts of being the Chair. I like being out among you! In attending these meetings, I'm finding people are at all levels of recovering from election day; most of all I find a sense of "How did this happen?" And that's okay, we will all heal from the acute disappointment in our own way and style.

However, what I am also finding is a new sense of "Okay, what do we do now?" And in that sense of searching, I see an intense level of peaceful activism and civil disobedience sprouting up. That is the answer my friend to "What do we do now?"

We, at headquarters, are creating a new program of resistance based on the information and work found in the handbook "Indivisible." Look for it by the end of January, or if curiosity won?t let you wait; read it and download it at Indivisible Guide.

In addition to joining the Indivisible protest, thirteen of us will going to Las Vegas on Sarturday, January 21st, to join in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington. Many of us are ready and already are calling Representative Gosar and Senators McCain and Flake to let them know we object strongly to President-Elect Trump's choice on his cabinet members. And we will do more as time goes by.

I just want all of us to remember that America's democracy is very unusual. It is driven by a constitution and rule of law. Unless we want to lie down and play dead, we can harness all of the things that we hate about the incoming presidency, and turn the tide back to a civil society. Is this a Pollyanna view on my part? No, I don't think so.

Senator Flake's re-election is in 2018; I think he will listen to his constituency now. Yes, for we Democrats and informed Independents are going to have a rough four years and will have our voices heard. We have lived through this before; we will do so again. The reason we need to be active now is that I believe the Republican majority that elected Trump will go through a horrible disappointment as it becomes clear that he is not qualified to govern from the White House. Our time will come again! We must continue to work for it and be ready for it. We must be able to challenge the Trump White House in ways that are sane, intelligent and polite, while avoiding ineffective gutter language and biting facebook posts. Remember: Our time will come again. Be ready for it and work now for change in 2020.

Marty Luna-Wolfe
Chair, MCDCC

It frustrates me so much that I am SUPPOSED TO BE limited to signing petitions and emailing senators only to get auto responses. I know it's almost a waste of time but if nobody did it, politicians could do whatever they want.

I've unsubscribed from all Act Blue and Move-On lists, but there are so many organizations sharing my email, I get at minimum 10 requests to sign petitions or send emails every day.  Nobody needs the Democratic party to sign petitions!

I just can't get over these imbeciles in charge of ORGANIZING Democrats in Mohave County. 

Their biggest achievement seems to be joining the Las Vegas Women's March with 13 Mohave County women.   I must have received AT LEAST 50 emails about that Women's March and if there had been one in KINGMAN, I would have made an effort to be there.  Not because it changed anything, but maybe I'd meet some more people who care to DO something that WILL change our county.

"Remember: Our time will come again."

Ms. Luna-Wolfe, your time HAS come.  I don't care about whatever "deal" you made with the Mohave County Republicans, it sure looks like you got paid off to be silent in this extremely poor and drug and crime infested county with an all Republican board of Supervisors.  You see nothing wrong in Mohave County?

If you want to do something for the Democratic party and for Mohave County, please resign.

-- link emailed for comments to Ms. Luna-Wolfe, MCDDC chair