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9/26/18 LMRFD "State of the District"
UNSIGNED -- but apparently produced by the chief as the sorry state of LMRFD is discussed online. LIES, lies and more lies ... The district is in turmoil and the sorry excuse of a fire chief ,Tony DeMaio, filed an EEOC complaint against "The District", specifically director Charlotte Kiffer.
Meadview, Mohave County
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March 11, 2017
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November 4, 2018 - 7:45 pm
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I think the chief wrote that himself and the FIRST lie is in the very first sentence:

"Although they are entitled to their opinion, The District disagrees with their comments and assessment."

What or who is "The District" -- I don't remember a vote or discussion by the board members -- I believe chief DeMaio wrote that himself.

Lies, lies and more lies!

Even more important than the LIES are the OMISSIONS:

Not ONE word about the sorry FACT that the Meadview station AT BEST has 1 guy at the station -- obviously leading to preventable DEATHS because it takes at least an hour for the ambulance to get here.

And there's NO plan to increase coverage for Meadview.


It's one thing to be incompetent, but at least try to do the job.  However, the buck stops with DeMaio's LIES and MISREPRESENTATIONS.

Lake Mohave Ranchos
Fire District
16126 Pierce Ferry Road
P.O. Box 611
Phone (928) 767 -3300 Dolan Springs, Arizona 86441 FAX (928) 767-3301

State of the District

LMRFD – as provided: September 26, 2018

Many people have been posting negative comments regarding the LMRFD its board, Staff and State of the District. Although they are entitled to their opinion, The District disagrees with their comments and assessment.

The Chief is issued a vehicle per his Contract, for use while performing his duties and to be on call 24/7. He uses that vehicle for District purposes, despite posts that insinuate he has used it for “other personal use”. The Chief however has used his personal vehicle to go to many meetings along with shopping for District purposes and even responded to emergencies and saved tax dollars while doing so. He has also received multiple rides to meetings from other Districts. He has used his personal gas discount card to save the district 6 cents per gallon of fuel. The Chief continues to respond to all manner of emergencies and render care, fight fires and command scenes as needed. The issued vehicle is truly a multi-use multi-purpose, severe duty vehicle that adds additional resources and capabilities to the district.

Some have insinuated the District is going to go insolvent again, the District disagrees; we have a very tight oversight on spending, referring to our CPA for input on a regular basis. Per the Chiefs Contract, he is to communicate and report to the Board on items necessary for the effective and efficient operations of the District; to include recommendations to improve the operations of the District. (i.e. New Cardiac Monitors); in other words, this for the betterment of the District and to move the District forward.

The Fire District is on very stable financial ground, performing under budget in many areas since the Chief took over 2yrs ago.
Our financial statements speak for themselves, we have increased our unencumbered or carry over funds dramatically over the last two budget cycles. Many internal and external controls have been put in place to make sure the spending does not go beyond the budget, along with a law that was passed in our state directly connected to insolvency of this district which states, Fire Districts cannot spend more than they bring in. We have never used our line of credit or even come close. We contract with our financial manager an outside 3rd party who closely watches and advises the district. Our annual Audits have been very reflective of the District’s sound state.

The Meadview Station coverage has almost tripled what it was prior to the Chief’s Administration and is now covered with Paramedics instead of Basic EMT's increasing the level of care and capabilities to the citizens. When the chief took over, a significant number of responses were turned over to AMR due to lack of coverage and personnel on shift and our C.O.N was in jeopardy of being taken over.

Our dependence on AMR to handle medical calls in our C.O.N. has been drastically decreased, which has increased our Ambulance revenue. We have purchased a greatly needed new ambulance. The Chief have also improved on overall vehicle maintenance has been improved and 2 rehabbed brush trucks are currently in service in district 24/7.

The Chief increased the Districts presence and reputation in the county, working hard to secure, maintain and nurture relationships with all surrounding Districts and other county entities. These are things that help ensure we receive the mutual aid responses when we need them. The Chief has worked very hard with MCEM, ADOT and others to address the traffic issues and trained on mass casualty incidents that has led to mass casualty plans and protocols within emergency management.

As most of you know the District went insolvent and we are coming back from the dead. We were left with a rag tag fleet aged equipment among other things. We have made great strides coming back with our severely limited budget and resources. We have applied for many grants over 9 to date and been awarded 5, totaling somewhere near 40k dollars.

This is just a small sample of what we have done. We have much more to do. This will not happen overnight, it is going to take years of hard work, difficult decisions and money.

Thank you!